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About Me

Hi! I'm Michelle Glauser.

Since becoming an engineer in 2012, I've been passionate about helping underrepresented people join, feel comfortable in, and stay in the software industry. To that end, I:

In 2016, LinkedIn chose me as one of the top 10 professionals in software for their first "Next Wave" list.

When I'm not doing techie or community things, I enjoy baking (and consuming the goods), burying myself in a book, going on hikes, and dog-watching.


As I said, I'm passionate about helping more underrepresented people join, feel comfortable in, and stay in tech, and I do that through my community work. I'm especially passionate about locally-focused socioeconomic diversity, intersectional inclusion, and empowerment for women and non-binary people. Learn more about my community work below.


See my GitHub code here. There you'll find my code from the ESPNW Hackathon (full-stack Python), several Get Satisfaction hacks (company updates banner using AJAX and cookies, subscribe to all new topics button in JavaScript, bulk user invitation in Ruby, and a Trinet ideas page), some RailsBridge workshops, and this site, built in Python, Django, HTML, and CSS.

Additionally, check out these projects:


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Read about my work history and reach out about speaking opportunities on LinkedIn.

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